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Fuck. MY FEELS. MY HAVEN FEELS. Poor Audrey and Duke and James. Most of all, POOR NATHAN! :/ I also feel a little bit sorry for Arla and Jordan, but the two of them were bitches, so whatever. And a ‘Haven’ spam, just because I’ve watched the season three finale and I’m sobbing from my feels.¬†

I mean, Audrey only just found her son - after 27 years, might I add - and then he got stabbed by his vengeful girlfriend who was trying to stab HER instead. Then Audrey had to decide whether to kill Nathan and stop the Troubles forever, and going into the barn for twenty-seven years, forgetting who she was and who she loved and everything about Haven in order to save the whole town. She had such a terrible decision ahead of her, and she still sacrificed her life for everyone else, like she would have the whole series if she had to make the choice. 

And when Nathan broke down right at the end? Oh god, tears were falling from my eyes. He asked Duke to throw himself after Audrey, to bring her back, to save her, and both of them vanished, leaving him alone. He even tried to go after her himself, despite being shot twice by Jordan. He would have done anything to keep Audrey in Haven, alive and well, including allow a meteor shower to destroy Haven forever.

I’m just going to wallow in my finale feels now.